Get ready for a fantasy puzzle adventure!

Let the journey begin! Choose your favorite hero to save Bloom Kingdom and hop onto colorful Blooms that cause massive cascading chain reactions to earn HUGE points! Use Pets, like the Phoenix, to fly across the map or Balagos’s Dragon Breath to destroy pesky enemies like Explosive Beetles, Mushroom Men and more. Grab Flower power-ups like the Star Jasmine to get huge points, or the Fire Rose to burn your enemies!


A mysterious dark energy is gathering over the whimsical world of Bloom Kingdom and the happy creatures of the land are in peril! The Knight, and Princess, along with many more mighty heroes, are setting out on a journey to return peace to the lands of Bloom Kingdom. The heroes are on a mission to unleash the good magic of Blooms throughout the land and destroy the dark energy!


Tap either of your two Heroes to hop onto colorful Blooms and create chain reactions that unleash the Blooms’ Energy! The more Blooms you cascade on each turn, the more reward points you will get! Flowers have unique effects to help you on your journey. Water Lily grows blooms in all nearby locations. Star Jasmine collects all nearby blooms. Frost Flower freezes enemies and Fire Roses destroy them. Watch out for Mushroom Men, Evil Snails and Explosive Beetles!


Follow the adventure and unlock 18 powerful characters like Zella the Gothic Countess, Kokoro the Ninja, Fae the Dutchess, Spruce Bruce the Lumberjack, Duke Skellington, and many more. Each hero comes with special abilities and bonus rewards. For example, Tok the Bandit can snag 100 extra score points with every SuperBloom collected, while Chipo the Zulu Warrior can start each level with a 500 point score boost!


There are 60 levels for you to play, and more levels are added with each update. The next update will introduce even more levels for you to explore. On top of all that, you will find secret levels hidden throughout Bloom Kingdom. So, as you scroll through the world map,make sure you leave no stone unturned and be the first to play the secret levels!

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Princess Alexandra & Knight Arthur

Alexandra is quick witted, ready to tackle any challenge thrown her way. She could use her knowledge to equip herself and others for this battle against evil!

Arthur is the newest member of the Knights of Bloom. As the evil magic began to consume the kingdom, he was the first knight to race towards the threat with great bravery. He knew he had to get the Knights' respect by saving the kingdom!

Samurai Takedo & Princess Marigold

In the flat fields southwest of Bloom Kingdom lies the few remaining samurai. As the evil magic consumes the kingdom, Takedo is among the first to the front line ready to strike down any enemy in his path!

Princess Marigold is the princess of the adjacent Modvole Castle located slightly southwest of Bloom Castle. She involves herself with studies of war on defenses.

Lumberjack Bruce & Countess Zella

Spruce Bruce is reliably at his cabin deep within the forest ready to harvest trees whenever needed for all the villages in Bloom Kingdom. Now he readies to chop down any evil magic in his way!

Strange energy coming is from the Underworld. Realizing this is a warning sign, Zella must channel the energy of the Dark Prince in order to protect the kingdom with the other heroes!

Skellington & Warrior Princess Hildr

Duke Skellington, leader of first established military in Bloom Kingdom, is ready to shake the dirt off and re-pledge his allegiance to his beloved kingdom!

Hildr is the leader of the female warrior clan, Jorvikrod, that occupies the rolling hills along the coast of Bloom Kingdom. Hildr understands that they must come together to defeat the evil magic if they ever wish for Bloom Kingdom to thrive again!

Pharaoh Tukhotep & Geisha Atsumi

Tukhotep has been struggling to keep his kingdom thriving. As the evil magic begins to consume Bloom Kingdom, he finds this the perfect opportunity for his kingdom to become relevant again and save those who cry for help.

Most know of Atsumi has the happiest vendor in Bloom Town. Her specialty is both tea and various herbs. This secret ancient art with healing powers will help the kingdom now, especially as the evil magic approaches.

Tok The Bandit & The Dutchess Fae

Tok is notoriously known within the Bloom Castle walls as someone who steals what he wants. While Tok’s thieving habits are far from gone, the kingdom knows that Tok will show great strength and fortitude to defeat the evil magic!

Fae is known in Bloom Town as someone with such a positive attitude. She equipped herself with her trusty hammer and asked everyone to work together to help protect the kingdom!

Zulu Warrior Chipo & Rogue Nyx

Chipo is a fearless warrior that stands out from the rest of the Kwatul tribe that occupies the South most part Bloom Kingdom. He sets off to the center of the Kingdom to fight while his tribe unites to hold back what they can of the evil magic!

No one knows who Nyx is or how she came to Bloom Kingdom but there is no way she is backing down from a fight especially against magical foes!

Ninja Kokoro & Enchantress Abracadabra

For centuries, the ancient ninjas predicted a second coming of evil. They trained vigorously in the art of Ninjutsu to be ready when the time came. The master of them all? Kokoro.

Enchantress casts an undeniable light upon the land even though the evil magic is looming. The heroes of Bloom Kingdom know they are in good hands as long as Abracadabra is around!

Mate Swabby & Pirate Captain Morgana

First Mate Swabby and Captain Morgana are often on the scent of gold out in the oceans of Bloom Kingdom. The pirates often spot threats out at sea and relay back to the Jorvikrod clan so that they can adequately prepare for battles. Swabby loves sneaking around without being noticed so that he can startle unsuspecting townsfolk. Captain Morgana is also not shy to admit she lives off greed. They hope to redeem themselves with the council by plundering against the evil magic and help save the kingdom!

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Free to Play!

Bloom Kingdom has in-app purchases. If you don't want this feature, please disable from your device settings.


More than 60 Levels (plus secret levels), 18 Heroes, 13 Pets, 7 Blooms, 7 Powerups, 3 Enemies, and countless hours of fun!

What People Are Saying

  • Great puzzle game! This game looks simple but is actually quite involved. Very challenging, fun experience.

    Stephen Babcock
  • Fun and addictive, love finding secret levels! Love the customized game play with the different pet types.

    Brad Thorson
  • Addictive.. I love this game! It is really fun creating massive bloom explosions, the power-ups are really nice.

    Joseph DuMond


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